Sunday, November 2, 2008

You sound like your from london!!

Hey sports fans,
Its all hallows eve and were on the road in chi town tonight, and shit is crazy on the streets.........
some gore outfits mixed with some scantily clad women dressed in spider webs sets the night for a good fucking time.....once again the first ever law records tour has been an amazing success thanks to all are peeps from state to state, and now that part one of this tour is over we will see you for the sequel in January. A new year, a new president and a new tour.....but first, were off to the u.k. for a month to tour with less then jake....... we will keep you posted over sea's and give you first hand accounts of that tour as well. have a great sex filled Halloween and we'll see you shortly

p.s. check the site for the Hawaii tour T.B.A.

Written not dictated.


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